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Game of the Month: March 2022

Game of the Month: March 2022

Get ready to do some cyberpunk sleuthing, robot pirate punching, and drill dozing, because your Games of the Month for Mecha March are here!

Completing any of this month's winners nets you the @GOTM Champion role and therefore access to the exclusive #champions_lounge, enabling you to hang out with the other champs and vote on NEXT month's GotM theme. Also, completing any GotM game (or Super Mario World, our GotY) will net you 1 point. These points roll over from month to month and are being actively tracked by me. You may choose to spend your points on any of the fabulous Retro Handheld themed prizes pinned in the #gotm_discussion channel. Full details are also among those pins.

To gain your points and @GOTM Champion role, you must do the following: complete the game in question, then take a picture of the end screen/credits with a handwritten time stamp somewhere in the frame of the photo. The time stamp must include your username and date, and this all gets posted in #gotm_discussion with a ping to me, @Rapid Q 3 (Chorophile) If you have any questions about the process, ping me, dm me, post it in #gotm_discussion, something. I'll get to you.

You have until the winners for next month go up to post your pics, generally, sometime the morning of April 1st (get 'em in early though, timezones and all that!)

Make sure you tune into each game's specific thread in #gotm_discussion, for discussion, tips and tricks! (#Snatcher, #Rayman 2 - The Great Escape, #Drill Dozer) I'll be pinning some important stuff concerning each game in there, for example, the best version of Snatcher with comparison screenshots, so come on by and chat! If there were any GotM nominations that didn't win but you still want to play them and chat about them, GotM Runner Up is the thread you want. Do note that completing any runner up game will NOT net you any points or make you eligible for the #champions_lounge.

See you all in #gotm_discussion! We're working on integrating the point system into Discord, but don't worry, I've got everyone who completed a game logged, and if you're curious about your point standing, feel free to dm me. Also, new @GOTM Champions, I'm working on updating the roles as you read this, so don't worry, I'll getcha soon so you can be welcomed into the #champions_lounge.

Happy gaming!