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Game of the Month: September 2021

Game of the Month: September 2021

It's Spin-Off September this month as voted by your @GotM Champions! Here are your Games of the Month for September! Speaking of champs, let's talk about that CASH MONEY RAFFLE.

Completing any of this month's winners not only nets you the @GotM Champion role and access to the #champions_lounge, enabling you to vote on next month's theme, but also enters you in a raffle with cash prizes! First prize will win a $30 gaming gift card of their choice (Google Play Store, Nintendo eshop, PSN, Xbox Live, Steam) and three runner ups will receive a $10 Google Play Store gift card! Raffle winners will be pulled at the end of the month. Additionally, each game you have completed this year also enters you in a yearly super secret, super awesome prize that will be pulled near the holiday season! I can't say too much more about that right now, but I can tell you it's gonna be pretty great. Each game you complete gives you one entry, so you can get 6 chances to win maximum each month (3 for the month and 3 for the year)! Awesome!

To gain an entry into the raffle, you must do the following: Complete the game in question, then take a picture of the end screen/credits with a handwritten time stamp somewhere in the frame of the photo. The time stamp must include your username and date, and this all gets posted in #gotm_discussion with a ping to @Rapid99.

If you have any questions about the process, ping @Rapid99, DM them, post it in #gotm_discussion, otherwise reach out. You have until the end of the month (September 30th at 11:59pm EST) to post your entry pictures. Now, let's recognize our new @GotM Champions for the month of July!

Completed all three games:

  • @Rapid99 (Cyberphile) (8 month streak)
  • @TerriblePerson  (2 month streak)
  • @LiquidDivide  (2 month streak)

Completed one GotM:

  • @VolfoniBros (5 month streak)
  • @🌸Subspace.EXE🌸  (4 month streak)
  • @FlatFootFox (He/Him) (3 month streak)
  • @N0sSyndrome  (3 month streak)
  • @JaLanimal (3 month streak)
  • @Whitty (2 month streak)
  • @Thor! (2 month streak)
  • @Axryn(New @GotM Champion)

The #champions_lounge  bids a fond farewell to:

  • @Stubbs (StubbornPixel)
  • @opus·
  • @DrunkenLlama

...but you'll be back right?

Same as last month, we'll be using Discord's new threads feature in #gotm_discussion, so if you want to see chats about the game you're playing in particular, tune in to that game's specific thread. We'll be pinning some important stuff concerning each game in there, so come on by and chat! If you haven't joined the Discord already, what are you waiting for? We hope to see you all in #gotm_discussion!