Retro Handhelds
Game of the Month

Each month the Retro Handhelds community comes together to participate in a book club-style Game of the Month program. Rather than highlighting just one title, the Game of the Month club features three different titles from across the history of gaming. With a category highlighting Pre-1996 games, a category focusing on the retro-hayday of 1996-2000, and a Post-2000 modern era category, there's bound to be a title which grabs your attention.

Our Discord houses a #gotm_discussion channel, where players can chart their progress and share their experience with that month's games. Once you've conqured a title, you'll be granted access to the #champions_longue, where you can relax (or gloat) with the other victors from the previous month. Champions get to provide input on the next month's theme, and then the entire community gets to nominate and vote on next month's games during the last few weeks of the month.

For the current suite of active Game of the Month titles, status on nomination voting, and details on the ocassional prize offering, feel free to check out the Game of the Month channels.